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GoldnGun Retrievers

Power Performance Personality

Forever In Our Hearts

"Dogs do not ruin their sleep worrying about how to keep the object they have, and to obtain the objects they have not. There is nothing of value they have to bequeath except their love and their faith."

- Eugene O'Neill

UH HRCH NMH Gold'NGuns Snipers Sharpshooter Can QAA MH WCX CCA CGN

April, 7th, 2006 - April, 21st, 2020

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our beautiful, beloved Shooter. Shooter was an athlete, a competitor and total snuggle bug. He was as happy on the bed as in the blind. He participated in our many excursions to South Dakota where he excelled at pheasants, sharpies and huns. He retrieve many goose and ducks out of local fields and Cowichan Bay as well many areas in Alberta. He loved to compete and a successful trial always ended with him stealing Rick's hat, he was a goofball...... We loved him and miss him sooo much....



(May, 4th, 2001-October, 1st, 2018)


Today has been a tough one, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Dare Dog. Dare the Dog was the epitome of what a golden retriever should be, loving, loyal, patient and he loved to work He was the best canine ambassador with young children, loving to allow youngsters (and some not so young) the opportunity to know the pleasure of handling a trained dog at hunt test training days. Dare was there for so many first for me, my first field/hunt trial dog, he retrieved my first duck, goose and then there is the well-known story of our first pheasant hunt with Tracey Griffin and her lab Ricky (so many laughs)...Dare Bear was there for me since the beginning, following me, making me see only him in the litter, he was determined. He was at my heels, always trying to

get my attention and he got it. He was biddable, athletic and loved to please. He ran his first trial at 16 weeks and past and there was nothing he wouldn’t do or try for me, He had a huge heart and we are blessed he has left his legacy in our girls, Risq (daughter) and Arriba and Taboo (grandaughters) as well many pups and grand pups in companion, hunting and competition homes. There is a huge hole in our home tonight….


GoldnGun Flirtn With The Law Can CD MH WCX CGN

(November, 18th, 2002- January, 18th, 2018)

Flirt came to us from Iowa and she brought with her a passion for upland game that she passed onto her offspring. She worked cover like no other, showed my boy up on numerous hunts. She was a gentle soul around the house, loving our grandchildren and sleeping in her two favourite spots in the later years. Our house and hearts are emptier tonight. She lived a long, and happy life, alongside her "husband" Dare dog! She made such a huge impact on our kids, and it's going to be hard without her. She was the 

apple of Hunter's eye and his best friend. She could always make Evelynn smile, even on her crankiest of days.. I may have only been around for 5 out of her 15 years, but it felt like so much longer. She wasn't always a playful pup, but as soon as there was snow on the ground, you bet your ass she was out there rolling around in it, happier than a pig in mud! It's hard knowing that she's not with us anymore, and even harder trying to explain this to Hunter. But he says that "It's okay, because she's not sick anymore. She's going up to the clouds to see Nani Carol."

We love you Flirt.. You'll always be in our hearts, beautiful girl!


UH HRCH GoldnGun Marshland Sniper CAN***QFTR MH WCX

January 7, 1999 - March 14, 2012

Today we said our final goodbye to Sniper at the age of 14. He was our oldest son Michael's best friend and throughout the years that bond only became stronger and extended to Michael’s three kids Logan, Ryley and Paisley.

Sniper showed a great zest for life, taking on all challenges with courage, strength and a great deal of tenacity. He loved any activity that involved interaction with people, he was a comedian at heart, just like his dad. Sniper was a pleasure to train, always upbeat and willing to do whatever task 

you asked of him. He excelled at hunting with Mike and Rick, loved the competitive nature of hunt tests, field trials and even flyball. Sniper was well traveled, he ran hunt test and field trials and flyball in BC Alberta, Saskatchewan and Washington state. We also managed to take in a flyball tournament in Las Vegas! He ran the Super Retriever Series held in Missoula Montana in 2003. He followed in his dad's footsteps by being cast as a puppy in the "Air Bud" movie series.

Sniper was listed as one of the Top Producing Sires in the HRC magazine on a number of occasions.

Today, our family keenly feels the loss of this dynamic athlete, hunter, partner, and friend.


Rowdy, (Brussels Griffin) was everyone's favourite truck dog and Louise's trusted companion at home and on the road for 12 years. He was at most trials and the trials he missed, people frequently reprimand us for not having him there. He was passed from lawn chair to lawn chair, lap to lap, sopping up all the attention he could. There was nothing better than sitting in anyone?s lap soaking up a few rays in the spring and even when the weather is poor, he convinced people to insert the puppy in the jacket out of the cold. He managed to make himself at home on 

the laps of some of the gruffest old trialers. He was top dog in the house and even at 10 years of age and one eye still managed to impress on the other dogs that no one got out of line.


Pacificgold's Marshland Poacher Can.WCX MH CD

August, 24th, 1990 - October, 17th, 1999

Poacher proved to be an incredible and versatile dog. Our boy wasn’t only successfully competing in field trials, hunt tests, obedience and flyball, but also he was the stunt dog for the famous movie “Air Bud World Pup” and a starring member of the Superdogs cast as well as in ESPN’s “SUPERDOGS, SUPERJOCKS”. He was Qualified all-age and held a MH, CDX title. He was an incredible athlete, an unrelenting hunting companion but what he is truly remembered for by those close to him was his unbelievable sense of humour. He was a true character who had the

the ability to make anyone around him enjoy his antics, putting a little sunshine in everyone’s day. 


Redstorm's Autumn Breeze Can*** MH WCX

December, 12th, 1994 - October, 15th, 2011

Breeze came to our home from “Redstorm Kennels” in Quebec in 1994. She was animated, energetic and affectionate, always eager and strong in the field, loving every second of her work and at 16 years of age was still demanding her share of it. As with any self-respecting golden, Breeze enjoyed her human companions and was a great playmate to our kids when they were young and even with the inconveniences of her old age she always found a way to be part of the action.

Breeze was bred twice and has produced numerous top-achieving golden in Canada and the United States such as our boys Dare and Sniper, and has been on the top 10 producing golden bitches for the UKC Hunting Retriever Club more than once.

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"...Goldngun Aspen ...born on January 4, 1999 is the greatest dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning ... She has hunted with me every year since I bought her and has truly ..."

Neil W

Greatest dog I ever owned

"So, for sure I am a satisfied Mom! Goldngun Done On A Dare "Griffin" - or the "Little Prince" as he prefers to be called is just a hoot. Very outgoing and bold and he is only 10..."

Leslie Gardiner

Satisfied Mom